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Our Mission

WeAre1.org is in existence to serve the Wellness and Spiritual community of Glen Rose Texas as well as its surrounding communities and visitors. We act as a conduit for communication, information sharing, community promotion and inspiration pertaining to and connecting the seeker with opportunities of interest.

Through articles, quotes, stories and letters, all those seeking energy in Spirit, teacher and student alike, are reminded that we are all on the same Journey and working ever so diligently towards the Knowing of One.


May the flowers of your soul

Blossom in the sunlight of your Knowing

                                                                                                                   Kurt spring 03


May You Be Blessed Movie


Welcome fellow travelers. I hope you put to use the information held within the World Wide Web of WeAre1.org. While visiting these pages you may find events, services, teachers and support for your particular interests and quests.

Throughout our region there are many delightful surprises and local resources who await your arrival. Treasured teachers of yoga, healers, psychics and astrologers. So, if what you are seeking does not appear within these pages, we invite you to come to Glen Rose and let what you are seeking find you.


We would be Honored if you would submit your favorite quote or lyrics  pertaining to the possibility that We Are One. These quotes will then be displayed for all to share at a later date on WeAre1.org

Thank you and have the most Amazing Day.

Music Lovingly offered by Becky Williams

Lyrics to the "Amazing Day"


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